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Busty 80s

We're back with more rare loops and scenes featuring little known, but incredibly hot, busty starlets from the 80's! The incredible Laura Sands kick starts this collection with 2 scenes! Next you'll see all of our favorites in rare synch sound loops like Pepper's Mix Up, Hot Marsha, Roses are Red, Dildoe City, Margaret's Target and much more!

busty 80s

Sally Boothe was an 80s busty adult model. Like many models of this era, it looks like she did only one photo shoot that was sold over and over. Granted, the pink corset with white stockings, bra and panties is gorgeous and worth seeing over and over again. Like most models of this era, she was credited under several names. These include Tina Locke, Karin, June, and a single movie credit as Louise Blaire.

This porn picture gallery Kay Parker & Victoria Paris - busty 80s Porn Stars was found on at Sep 08 2015. It contains 30 pics and has been watched 261 times in total and 136 times today.

Games Inspire Otherworldly Art Fine art has been in video games for decades -- at least since a cartoon mouse rescued the Mona Lisa in the early-'80s arcade game Mappy. But are video games themselves fine art? At E3, a juried exhibition of art from video games called Into the Pixel addresses that question. The show features 16 pieces of video-game art, chosen from among more than 140 submissions. Game engine renderings and concept art are both represented and the subjects range from moody landscapes to an expressionistic painting of Nintendo's bulbous pink mascot, Kirby. One of the pieces, created by a team from Electronic Arts, is a rendering of an Orc from Lord of the Rings: The Third Age in battle stance. Another, Hakha the Hunter, depicts a futuristic soldier from the game Killzone with requisite huge gun. These aren't just character-design showcases, however. The jurors' comments indicate that composition, colour and light were all concerns in selecting the pieces. The works aren't just free-standing renderings of bad guys and busty women, but reflect the emotional and immersive content that video games can offer. All told, while the works are often striking and even beautiful, there is one important omission. While there are renderings, drawings and paintings, there are no actual screenshots from games. Even the orcs and soldiers are more likely to be something you'd see on a video game's packaging rather than in the video game itself. It's an odd choice to remove the video game from the video-game art, and the underlying message is that while video games can inspire art and art can inspire video games, what you're playing on your screen doesn't qualify to hang in a gallery, even a gallery located at E3. The attendees clearly cast their votes with their attention: While Into the Pixel gets a share of traffic, the static images in their frames don't get a fraction of the consideration given to the moving, flashing art displayed on the thousands of game screens at the expo. 041b061a72

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