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Infinite Galaxy: A Space Strategy Game with Stunning Graphics. Download Now!

Players are given a huge galaxy to develop and explore. This can be done with one of a hundred different spacecraft that support a corporation. Also planned are large-scale battles, customization of ships, trade, mining and many other functions.

  • Explanation of the Investigate, Explore, Prospect Actions in Infinite Galaxy.Infinite Galaxy - Investigating, Exploring, Prospecting04/15/2021 - - www.gamesguideinfo.comExplanation of Investigating, Exploring and Prospecting in Infinite Galaxy.Watch the video on BasicsExploring, Prospecting and Investigating are all ways to get to know the galaxy you are in. Exploring a Star System is the most basic activity of the three. The result is that the Star System will be accessible on your Galaxy Map (instead of being grayed out) and it provides some basic information about the Star System (such as resource nodes available). Prospecting a Star Platform provides some rewards that can be picked up from the Events map.Investigating certain aspects of a Star System also yields rewards.ExploringSometimes as part of the main story line or certain events Star Systems will become known to you on the Galaxy Map, but many Star Systems you will need to explore to be able to travel to.Exploring is a simple and free activity (free as in it does NOT cost Explore Energy). Exploring can be done from the Galaxy Map, you can select any unexplored (grayed out) Star System within range and select the Explore option. Your nearest idle Scout shop will be suggested to do the job for you, and any Star System along its path will also be explored.If you decide to always Prospect instead if Explore from the Galaxy Map, you do not have to worry about the exploring activity, as it is something that will be done implicitly as part of Prospecting.ProspectingWhile Exploring is just getting to know the absolute basics of a Star System, Prospecting will allow you to get to know the Star System in more detail and as such grant you a reward (e.g. Core Module XP, resources, materials for gear). Prospecting can be done from the Galaxy Map by selecting an unexplorer Star System and selecting the Prospect menu, by selecting the Star Platform in an known Star System and selecting the Prospect menu, or by selecting the Prospect action on a Star System in the Events Map. All are the same.Prospecting costs one Explore Energy. Each day your Explore Energy refreshes at reset.InvestigatingInvestigating is a bit similar to Prospect. Any Explored Star System can have one ore two Investigate options. Investigation can be done from the Events Map by selecting Investigate option. For Investigating you also get rewards, and Investigating also costs 1 Explore Energy.On the Events Map you will see for each Star System a white dot (no Prospect or Investigate possibilities) or a digit indicating the number of Prospect and/or Investigate possibilities.For the rewards of Investigate tasks you typically get the choice between two rewards. While writing this I don't have a very strong opinion about what is best to take, but prefer the items which are more rare or harder to get (for example Core XP or Gear Materials) as opposed to the more common ones (e.g. resources).Events Map vs Galaxy MapIf you do Exploring (or use Prospecting to Explore new systems) you should use the Galaxy Map. Look at an area with grayed out systems and send your scout ship. If you are focussed on doing the Investigate and Prospects tasks it is easier to work from the Events Map. Here you can easily send out your scout ships and claim rewards.Best PracticesFor Exploring, if you don't have much time, but still need to Explore quite a lot, try to find unexplored systems far away in an area with many unexplored systems. If you Explore a far system you are likely to Explore quite some systems along the way.When working on Investigating and Prospecting from the Events Map, realize that the list if systems is not ordered based on location. You can much better work from areas on the map (potentially work at the same time on different areas with different scout ships) to minimze flight times rather than working from the list.Exploration CenterThe Exploration Center is a building that has some effects on the Explore, Prospect and Investigate tasks. Each of these tasks require the use of a scout ship. By upgrading the building you unlock extra scout ships and you increase the speed of your scout ships.ScoutingAlthough it might sound a bit similar, and it also uses scout ships, scouting is a completely different activity. This is used to try to find out more information about enemies that you might want to attack (or that attack you). Often scouting itself is already seen as an act of war and if you are not yet in a war, you probably want to be careful about starting one.Infinite Galaxy - Getting Investigate Events and Region Buffs05/02/2021 - - www.gamesguideinfo.comGetting the Investigate Events and Completing the requirements for the Region Buffs.Watch the video on Too many ads? Register and most will be removed.Join us on Discord.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); Most Popular Guides Best Fleet Composition

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Since Infinite Galaxy launched a year ago, the deeply strategic title has spawned 5.3 million new commanders, with 1215 of them boosting their Command Centers up to Lv.30. In the past year, there have been a total of 4.72 million discoveries found in the Galaxy Encyclopedia. In 2021, brave galaxy commanders traversed the vastness of space with more than 22 million units.

If you're keen on taking part in the event yourself, you can download Infinite Galaxy on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

In galaxy year 4649, the Old Federation was defeated. Now, the cruel reign of the Empire is looming over the abyss. With space borders more unstable than ever, private traders and space pirates travel the universe at will. The rebel groups are ready to join an epic battle.

As soon as the APK file is downloaded, the game throws us right into a comprehensive tutorial that helps us familiarize ourselves with our crew members, the controls, and the story. From here, we will have to manage the resources to explore the galaxy and conquer it. Of course, we will also have to manage our ship, recruit new crew members, research technologies, and build different facilities.

Infinite Galaxy MOD APK is an innovative space war game that allows you to explore the entire galaxy with your supportive companions. Discover new planets and unveil their secrets. Build a strong base and a robust spaceship to wander around the universe. You must launch a fierce attack against space pirates to embrace the victory over the chaotic region. Also, you can bring maximum damage to your foes.

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Plunge into an advanced-level strategic game Infinite Galaxy, where you aim to explore the ancient secrets of outer space and protect your planet from rivals. Embark on your combative missions from a chaotic empire filled with injustice and cruelty. Explore the infinite galaxy, build your space base, take your spacecraft and get into the epic wars against the deadly warriors. You must raise an army with furious commanders that have extreme battling experiences. Go into the challenging combats with effective strategies and outsmart the foes with your aggressive approach. Enormous galaxies and stars are waiting for you to conquer them. Be the elite commander of your crew, and triumph the space with your brave soldiers after the earth.

It all started with a massive empire in a colossal star under the influence of dictators and injustice. The hope of survival and life has almost vanished, and traitors rule the kingdom with harsh decisions. Some of the survivors are eager to regain the glory of the galaxy. The burning universe features multiple hidden secrets. The task is to discover ancient space crafts and reveal their secrets.

Download the latest Infinite Galaxy Apk (Mod + Unlimited Money) with eye-catching visuals. It introduces unique fighting missions for the players to conquer the galaxy and have fun with mates in outer space. Utilize the latest technology, prepare superb fleets, and equip them with dangerous weapons to hit the enemy. Get more in the hack version and get untroubled victory over the foes.

1. Get to the old hack version of Infinite Galaxy > Uninstall it.2. Press the download icon > Allow all unknown files from settings.3. Hold down for a few seconds.4. Install this Mod Apk of Infinite Galaxy and enjoy.

Infinite Galaxy is an application that is offered by ChameauStudio. It is a free strategy game. It is also an immersive space game with deep strategic choices. This next-generation game also features next-level 3D graphics. Players can discover every secret of the galaxy and the Empire's past throughout the game.

Infinite Galaxy is a free application through which players will encounter pirates and private merchants. Several rebel groups are fighting in this universe. There are many missions. There is the repair of the spacesport, the construction of a flagship and the exploration of the galaxy. There is also the formation of an alliance with several commanders as an example. The features are quite different depending on the version used.

Infinite Galaxy is a free application that is compatible with an Android device. You have to download a desktop emulator app in order to have this game on a Windows and Mac PC. Many technologies and facilities are to be researched and built during the game. The fleets to be built must follow the sketches issued since the heyday of the empire and the federation. The player can achieve supreme glory and become the leader of the galaxy in battle.

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