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Closer Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

Maximum number of levels of horizontal axis text. If axis text labels become too crowded, the server might shift neighboring labels up or down in order to fit labels closer together. This value specifies the most number of levels to use; the server can use fewer levels, if labels can fit without overlapping. For dates and times, the default is 1.

Closer Legendas PortuguГЄs (pt)

The fourth area where we can deepen our cooperation is on infrastructure and connectivity by strengthening our links in the fields of science, technology, and innovation, including initiatives that bring our students and young people closer together.

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In 2001, the Dicionário da língua portuguesa contemporânea of the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa was published. Its publication was preceded and followed by many criticisms and controversies. It sets the orthography and phonetic standards of contemporary Portuguese language as written and spoken in Portugal. It includes words used in Brazil, African and Asian countries that have Portuguese as their official language.